Out-of-band Management


We provide full iLO IPMI access to your dedicated servers, so that you can have full control.

We use Cloudflare Access to provide a VPN-less experience.

You will receive a link to your iLO management page when your dedicated server is provisioned. When you open the link for the first time, your account email address will be required (see the following screenshot). A one-time PIN will be sent to your mail box for authorization.

Step 1

iLO Login

After going through the Cloudflare Access authorization check, you can log into the iLO system of your dedicated server with the credentials provided on the welcome page.

The following screnshot shows the iLO 4 panel. Click the "HTML5" link to open the remote console.

Step 3

Remote Image Mount

We provide iso images that you can remotely mount to your dedicated server. After openning the remote console, click the round disk icon, select "CD/DVD" - "Scripted Media URL".

Step 4

You will be prompted for the URL of the image. Please use followed by the image file name. The available image list is in the following section.

Step 5

Click "Apply" to mount the image, then power on the server.

Step 6 Step 7

Press F11 during POST to enter the boot menu, and select the CD-ROM boot option.

Otherwise, press F9 and select One-time Boot Menu.

Available Image List



Only the first ethernet port of your dedicated server is connected to the Internet. In Linux it is usually named eno1. Make sure you configure the public IP we provide on this port.

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